The quality of a patent application is one of the important prerequisites for achieving the largest possible or strategically important scope of protection in the subsequent examination procedure with due consideration of the prior art. This is often appreciable only in the examination, opposition or infringement procedures.

Since invention reports submitted by employee inventors are often not adequate for recognizing all the aspects of the invention, we generally discuss the technical teaching that is to constitute the subject matter of the patentable invention before preparing the patent application. Moreover, in the framework of a novelty search, we thoroughly examine the relevant technical field of the invention, if we do not possess solid prior knowledge of the field.

Since patents are used to obtain territorial exclusion rights that can be used strategically against competitors and imitators of the new or improved products, it is important to us to obtain valuable patents at home and abroad in coordination with our clients.

Furthermore, in a large number of cases, we have successively defended patents against third party attacks in opposition and nullity proceedings as well as conducted opposition and nullity proceeding for companies against third party patents. Our activity also entail assistance and participation in patent infringement proceedings at home and abroad in which we collaborate with well-known and experienced litigation lawyers.

Further information

Additionally, it is important to know one’s own patent portfolio. For this it is necessary to be able to have direct access to important information on individual patent applications and patents. We gladly help you building up your own patent management.

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