Domain law

The law on internet domains is a very young field of law in which there remains legal uncertainty. In 2013 – 2014, about 1000 new domain names are released by the ICANN. This means that a good domain strategy enjoys increasing importance.

Before registering a domain one should make sure to research the legal prerequisites. It must be determined whether the use of the domain in question violates rights of a third party. In addition, it is expedient to register the essential component of the domain as a mark, if it is protectable. We can support and advise you during these steps. We may also recommend that you optimize your domain strategy or your existing domain portfolio with the help of a service provider for Domain Management. Because of our experience in the industry we know firms who handle these matters very effectively.

In cooperation with you and a service provider for Domain Management you may retain, we can also take action against violation of your marks and intentional abuse of your domain name. This may be, for example, manifest itself, for example, cyber squatting in which known company labels or marks are registered as a domain by third parties, or domain grabbing in which third parties occupy generic terms with domains. In the case of cyber squatting, the relevant domain is then offered for purchase to the legal owner.

We can advise you in these cases and, if necessary, represent you in judicial or extra-judicial dispute proceedings.

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